A slight deviation from your body’s physiological functioning can cause significant pain and health problems. It is crucial to realize the critical physiological signs whenever you get sick to ensure that you seek medical attention promptly. Failure to recognize the precise moment when you need to find medical care can lead to life-threatening conditions. Here are some crucial signs and symptoms that if you’re experiencing means you need to visit a doctor for a checkup as soon as possible.


Severe chest pain

Chest pain is regarded as a common symptom that cautions the onset of a heart attack. A severe chest pain that radiates from your chest to the arms and jaw is an indication of impaired blood supply to your heart. Seeking the intervention of medical doctors helps ensure you get the proper treatment to prevent deterioration.


Severe redness and pain on one eye

If one of your eyes suddenly gets red and painful, that is a common indication that the eye is under immense buildup of pressure. This may be as a result of various causative factors such as acute glaucoma which is treatable if one seeks medical attention promptly.


Severe headache

You may experience a headache for many reasons: caffeine withdrawal, loud noises or sinus pressure. Typically they aren’t a cause of concern. However, uncommonly severe headaches can be a symptom of bleeding in the brain. The excessive pressure resulting from the release of blood on the brain leads to an intense headache.


Calf pain or cramps

If it feels as if you have severely pulled muscle in your calf that can’t be traced back to physical exercise, it could be a sign of various cardiovascular diseases such as deep vein thrombosis. The buildup of a blood clot on one of your veins on the leg with pain can lead to other cardiovascular conditions such as a heart attack.


Pain when swallowing

Severe pain when swallowing anything could be an indication of inflammation and blisters on your throat. Research has shown that such ulcers if left untreated can advance to cancer.


Severe weakness on one side of your body

Severe one-sided weakness in your body and face is a common symptom associated with a stroke. Getting immediate medical attention ensures you get the necessary preventive measures that could help either prevent a stroke from happening or lessen the severity of it by restoring blood flow to the brain.