Patient Reviews

Dr. Winn is an exceptional Physician
I came to Dr. Winn with a whole series of issues. He addressed them one by one and thoroughly resolved each.

Really cares about his patients!
Dr. Winn always takes the time to answer all my questions and explain what may be going on with me. He helped me get through a really rough patch of depression and was instrumental in helping me lose 20 pounds and get off antidepressants. He really cares about his patients.

My caring and considerate PCP for over 13 years
Dr. Winn has been my primary care physician for over 13 years. He’s helped guide me through serious injuries, long range lifestyle changes, and the little aches and pains of life. All with good humor, directness and a caring attitude.

His recent self-transformation with diet and exercise inspired me to get healthier after a period of inactivity and poor diet. He has a long range vision for my health and has helped me achieve it. He listens to what I say and we have tailored treatments and strategies to meet my lifestyle.

Meets you where you are
Dr. Winn is the rare doctor who listens, never scolds and tries to find solutions that will work with your lifestyle. I have too many stories about his skill and compassion to share all, but I will recount two. He worked with me for two years on smoking; he never once lectured me, only offering understanding and encouragement when I slipped. With his help I finally quit.

At another point, I faced a decision about a surgical or non-surgical treatment. He and I talked about it at length, ending at the opposite position where we started. It turned out to be exactly the right choice. He’s everything you want in a family physician.

5 years ago I sought (and thought )! needed a concierge doc to truly get good care. I was asking around and my photographer was so very happy with his doc, he said I ought to try his family doctor and that Dr. Winn was likely sensitive to my special needs, AND I should try him before going concierge with the extra costs.

So I went to Dr. Robert Winn and found a comforting, kind, compassionate, competent care giver. He looks you in the eye and listens, didn’t rush, and circled back in the appointment to ask again about things I had glossed over in my chatter. He thinks globally and carefully, considers my personality, and solved things I didn’t expect to.

I’m no longer allergic to oceans & rivers, eggs & milk! It didn’t lift all at once but because of an encouraging spirit with an open mind and pursuing new avenues, DR Winn studied my issues, (remembered them from appt to appt which were sometimes far between) and found solutions, encouraged me to do them–I did– and over the years I am now much healthier (and older!) than when I first started to see him.

And I can eat seafood and dairy again. Thank God. Half my illness is knowing I’m heard, and Dr. Winn is quick to respond–so I feel better–fast!

Dr. Winn helped me with my depression, low testosterone and ADD. He was thorough, and resolved each issue with care and without over-medicating me.

Dr. Winn is a very good thorough, understanding, and pleasant easy to talk to. his assistant is welcoming and very helpful I look forward to my next appointment at his office.

Dr. Winn is always friendly and welcoming. The office is clean and very comfortable. I receive the best care here at Real Wellness. Definitely worth changing your doctor and coming here.

A comfortable professional pro-active and thoughtful approach to primary care. Thank you, Dr. Winn!

Dr. Winn takes time, follows up and is available for questions and concerns. I thoroughly recommend him.

One of the most accessible Dr.s I’ve ever had, and particularly knowledgeable about GLBT health issues such as PreP!

If you’re looking for a doctor that will take the time to really listen to you and be extremely thorough, then Real Wellness is for you.

Dr. Winn was very professional and made me feel like he really cared. I will certainly be returning to Real Wellness as I felt very taken care of by Dr. Winn.

Dr. Winn is an amazing physician. He is by far the best PCP that I have ever had. He is smart, caring and passionate about medicine. Dr. Winn goes above and beyond to be available for all of his patients. Plus, his chic new office is as comforting and welcoming as he is.

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Winn’s for over 20 years. Dr. Winn is the most knowledgeable, and thorough physician I have been to. He always takes the time to get to know your health concerns, and then educates you about them in a very professional and personalized manner.

I have never felt rushed or dismissed. Dr. Winn sets the bar very high. There should be more physicians like him.

Dr Winn is the best doctor I’ve ever had.  He actually make you feel like he genuinely cares (and he does).  He takes the time to make sure you understand everything, and he never tries to rush through the appointment. 

Make an appointment with him, you will not regret it!

Dr. Winn is simply one of the BEST doctors around! I’m very particular about who I’ll see which is why he’s been my doctor for over 10 years. The office is very clean, relaxing, and easy to get to as it’s right off the Collingswood stop on PATCO. Dr. Winn is one of only a few doctors that actually listens to his patients and will go above and beyond what most doctors will do for their patients. If you choose him as your doctor you will not be disappointed.

Absolutely a compassionate and down to earth Doctor. Whether its alternative medicine (Medical Cannabis) or a check Dr. Winn is a pleasure to work with. Very patient, nice and like I said compassionate! Definitely not a Doctor that just writes prescriptions…he’s the best MMP doctor I’ve had in 5 years!!

Dr. Winn has been my PCP for thousands and thousands of years and that’s because he is simply the best.  I know he cares about me–not only about my health but also about me as a person. In this era of doctors who write a prescription and rush patients out the door, Dr. Winn takes the time to really listen.  He asks questions and he looks at things from many different angles. Most doctors go with what they read in the books or one particular treatment that worked for a patient once. Dr. Will is better than that.  Give him a try and you’ll see what I’m talking about!

I just recently switched back to having Dr. Winn as my PCP. I really appreciate the time he spends with you he really cares, and he listens to his patients. You don’t find many Doctors that care and practice medicine the way he does anymore.

In today’s environment it’s hard to find a Doctor who not only really cares about the person and their individual well being but to find a Doctor that you can trust, who will actually listen to your concerns, who will take the time to provide actual care, and who has the training and experience to be well versed in today’s newest and best treatments. Dr Winn at real wellness embodies not only what I mentioned above but cares truly about making sure that you truly are well. If you are looking for excellent care then Real Wellness and Dr Winn are it.

Tucked away off Haddon Ave in Collingswood is my new primary care physician. On my first visit, we spent an hour – yes, an HOUR, just going over my medicines, general care plan, discussing labs and other things I can do to keep myself going for as long as possible. I was never rushed, never felt uncomfortable, and felt an honest, open connection with Dr. Winn. I imagine this is what health care was like for my parents, before conglomerates took over and assigned doctors 8 minutes a patient. Best care anywhere! (Though he needs lollipops in the office!)

In my personal experience, the era of doctors who care is over… really sad to say, but doctors are being pushed and pulled in so many directions by so many entities that they are not able to actually get to know their patients. A 5 minute consult just doesn’t feel thorough to me… this is why I am so so so grateful for Dr. Winn & Real Wellness. Dr. Winn is taking an old school approach to medicine. He cares, and he makes it his first priority. Visiting his office is a pleasant experience and I feel safe there. I hope his practice leads the way for a new era in modern medicine- when humanity and love and care and compassion are the key elements. This is when medicine WORKS. I’m grateful to have Dr. Winn in my life, and to feel that my health is being cared for by a genuine & skilled practitioner.

Dr. Winn is a fantastic physician. He is everything you need in a PCP: Caring, passionate and knowledgeable. He listens to his patients and the ease to discuss any topic with him is extremely comforting.